Test & Tagging

What is testing and tagging?

Many people have heard the phrase ‘testing and tagging’, but few know what it exactly means. Put simply, testing and tagging is the method of reducing electrical dangers to individuals inside a workplace. It is the process of visually inspecting, electronically testing, and tagging (labelling) electronic items in an office. Once items have been ‘test and tagged’ the status of all electrical appliances is recorded in an easy to read report.

The service is used by businesses as a strategy to record electrical items within the work place, and to add them onto the workplace’s risk review. TestCorp is proud to supply test and tagging for businesses and government bodies, including primary and secondary schools, government buildings, mine sites, and many other work sites throughout Australia.

What is the process of testing and tagging?

  • Visually inspecting the item
  • Electronically testing the item
  • Tagging the item (labelling)
  • Record keeping

Why is testing and tagging crucial to business owners?

Testing and tagging ensures everyone within your workplace, whether it’s employees, management, clients and the general public, is protected against electrical dangers. It assists in reducing the manager’s chance of penalties as well as imprisonment as a result of a violation associated with electrical safe practices laws and regulations. Testing and tagging services can assist in keeping businesses’ insurance charges low, and also ensure your insurance claims are not voided due to failure to adhere to appropriate legislation, such as AS/NZS 3760.

What documentation do I require?

At TestCorp all test results are documented electronically. You will be supplied with a test and tag report and Certificate of Compliance that forms part of your WH&S system. We supply our reports in your choice of format, including Excel, Word or PDF. The documentation can be used as a highly effective asset management resource for non-electrical assets too. This particular test and tag process, as well as record keeping, means you will be conforming with AS/NZS 3760. It is also a good way to document your commitment to electrical safe practice standards in Australia.

Electrical testing is extremely important, regardless of whether you run a building site, small/medium business, national company, school, college or government building. Every level of management as well as employees needs to take notice of the dangers in their workplace and recognise atmospheres, which can be hazardous with electrical appliances.

Dangerous work surrounding might, for instance, expose electrical appliances to damage from fluid, corrosive substances, temperatures, vibrations, dirt, or even actual physical use or perhaps misuse. If you own a business, you are legally accountable for workplace safety. It is therefore your job to ensure these hazards are taken into account, the necessary precautions are taken, and a recorded danger evaluation strategy is formed.

Testing and tagging is a method that reduces the chance of electrical shock to employees. Every piece of equipment will be examined, electrically subjected to testing, then tagged (labelled) at frequent periods of time. A record of these assessments is supplied to you as well as stored by our team within your WH&S records.

Our promise

TestCorp is dedicated to helping organisations conform to their own commitments under the OH&S law. We provide services across Australia that comply with AS/NZ 3760. Certified and experienced professionals make use of specialises appliance testing equipment to test for hidden electrical defects, as well as performing a comprehensive visual evaluation. TestCorp makes it easy for your to put testing and tagging into action and services Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Sydney, Melbourne and all other major cities. We offer after hours as well as Saturday and Sunday solutions.