Test & Tagging Sydney

The importance of testing and tagging in Sydney workplaces

Did you know failure to comply with testing and tagging in Sydney can earn you jail time? The scary fact is, if you are an employer that neglects health and safety requirements for your business, you could find yourself in a lot of trouble. If an individual is injured from an electrical risk, the damage can vary from electric shock to even death. In the case of a serious incident like this occurring, the employer is liable for the damages if appropriate testing and tagging methods have not been taken. The penalty differs owing to the injuries acquired, but can range from severe fines to even prison time.

To ensure your don’t put yourself or your employees at risk, talk to the professional team at TestCorp. We provide a fast and efficient solution to testing and tagging across Sydney. Our fully qualified technicians will examine all of your electrical equipment and appliances and provide a thorough assessment.

Why choose our test and tag technicians in Sydney?

  • Technicians – Our technicians are fully qualified to perform the job.
  • Reminder – When you run a business, it can be difficult to keep track of your test and tag responsibilities when you have so many other things to consider. This is why we keep record for you and notify you when your testing is next due.
  • Reporting – Upon completing your test and tag we provide clients with a detailed report of our findings. We also hold onto this information as well, which is accessible on our website 24/7.
  • Certificate of Compliance – When your test and tag is complete, we supply you with a Certificate of Compliance.
  • Multiple services – In addition to test and tagging we provide a number of other safety services, which can be carried out simultaneously once on site. Therefore, you only pay for one site fee, rather than having to employ several different technicians.
  • Affordable – We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality service that is cost effective.
  • Fast and Efficient – We operate in a fast and efficient manner, providing the testing that would usually take three different companies.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – Customer satisfaction is paramount. We endeavour to provide a 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee.

To hire TestCorp for your test and tag in Sydney, contact our friendly team today.