Test & Tagging Perth & Bunbury

A comprehensive test and tag service in Perth & Bunbury

TestCorp takes a professional approach to test and tag in Perth. We understand businesses cannot just stand at a halt while we test their equipment, which is why we endeavour to be as fast and efficient as possible. The first step to ensuring your electrical equipment and appliances are safe is a visual inspection. Our qualified technicians carry out a thorough inspection, which includes electrically testing each piece of equipment to determine whether it is safe. Once the testing is completed, the equipment is tagged (labelled) and a report is drafted. The report outlines the findings of the test and tag and any recommendations.

Once the testing and tagging process is complete, TestCorp supplies a Certificate of Compliance to every business owner. The certificate includes the findings from the testing and the evaluation of any potential risks. It is crucial to file these records, as they prove you have complied with the testing and tagging standards in Perth.

The importance of testing and tagging in Perth workplaces

There are many business owners in Perth that don’t fully comprehend the importance of testing and tagging. It is crucial these individuals understand their responsibility when it comes to electrical workplace safety, as the inability to comply has costly results. In accordance to regulation 4.37 of the Occupational Safety and Heath Regulations (1996), an employer must undertake appropriate inspections and tests to ensure the workplace is safe and no one is at risk of injury or harm. In order to comply with this regulation, professional test and tagging is required.

What happens when you don’t comply with the test and tag regulations in Perth?

Failure to comply with testing and tagging in your workplace in Perth can result in very serious consequences for the employer. In the instance where an individual is injured owing to an electrical risk, the employer is liable. Injuries can vary and range from shock to even death. Penalties differ depending upon the damage caused. In the worst-case scenario, employers can risk severe fines and even jail.

Choose TestCorp for your test and tag in Perth

It is extremely important to ensure your testing and tagging is performed by professionals. You can trust the renowned team at TestCorp to carry out your business’s test and tag. We supply a professional test and tag service for both businesses and government bodies. Contact us today to learn more about our test and tag service in Perth.