Test & Tagging Melbourne

Gain peace of mind with a renowned test and tag service in Melbourne

Ensure your Melbourne business complies with industry safety standards by hiring TestCorp for your test and tag. Our certified and experienced team of professional technicians reduces the electrical dangers inside your workplace by performing a comprehensive examination and assessment of your electronic equipment and appliances. We carry out a visual inspection of your office and then electronically test your appliances and equipment before tagging them. Once every piece of equipment is examined, a record of the findings is written and provided to the employee. We also store the information on our system.

Why is testing and tagging necessary in Melbourne?

Undertaking professional testing and tagging in Melbourne workplaces is not only essential to protect workers’ safety, but also to protect the employer against legal ramifications. Under the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act (2004), it is the legal obligation of the employer to guarantee the workplace or plant operates safely, without any risk to health. An important part of this process is recognising and reviewing any dangers associated with electrical equipment, and providing a solution to remove or manage those risks.

Failure to comply with the act can have massive ramifications for the employer. If any accidents occur within the workplace as a result of electrical equipment or appliances, the employer is legally responsible and could face prosecution. If it is found the employer has not complied with relevant safety standards, severe punishments including hefty fines and even imprisonment can be handed down.

How often should a test and tag be carried out in Melbourne?

The frequency of test and tag maintenance in Melbourne depends on the type of workplace. For offices that just use computers and laptops, testing and tagging is only required once every five years, as this electrical equipment is not prone to misuse or bending.

Alternatively, for workplaces that use an abundance of electrical equipment, testing and tagging is required on a regular basis and should be carried out every three months. These types of work places include restaurants, healthcare industries, educational institutions and laboratories.

For those employers running a factory or workshop, electrical maintenance is not as strict, but still should be carried out every six months to a year. Those operating in commercial cleaning sectors should also employ this scheduling and have their cleaning equipment tested and tagged every six months to a year.

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