Test & Tagging Hobart

Met your workplace obligations by committing to a professional test and tag in Hobart

Meeting test and tag obligations in Hobart is extremely important. As an employer, it is your job to ensure the workplace you operate is a safe environment for your employees and customers. You also have an obligation to yourself, as failure to comply with testing and tagging regulations make you liable for prosecution. In the instance where an individual is injured by electrical equipment in your workplace, you face severe fine and even jail if you haven’t met your test and tag commitments in relation to Australian Standard AS/NZS3760.

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How often is testing and tagging required in Hobart?

The frequency of testing and tagging in Hobart depends on the type of environment and risk assessment. Testing intervals vary greatly and are explained in detail below.

Category 1

Equipment found in factories, workshops, manufacturing plants and commercial kitchens. Any equipment used in these areas must be tested and tagged every six months to comply with regulations. The equipment type includes power tools and equipment used in both workshops and commercial kitchens.

Category 2

Equipment utilized in areas considered as high risk. In these types of working environments, equipment is open to abuse or damage. Hostile environments include public interface locations like community centres, libraries, staff kitchens, equipment used in training facilities and offices. Equipment in these areas must be tested every 12 month in order to comply. Equipment that should be tested includes computer equipment, leads, portable electrical equipment, radio, DVD player, CD player, hairdryers, gym equipment, power boards, surge protector boards, portable RCDs and portable air conditioning units.

Category 3

Equipment operated in areas considered low risk. In these types of workplaces, equipment is not open to abused and when used normally does not flex the supply cord. Typically, these types of environments include offices. Equipment in these environments only needs to be tested every five years. Equipment includes laptops, desktops, computer leads, monitors, hard drive, printers and facsimile.

Category 4

Equipment employed for commercial cleaning. As this type of equipment is used on a regular basis in commercial environments, it is considered high risk and needs to be tested every six months. Equipment includes vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaning equipment, polishers etc.

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