Test & Tagging Darwin

Take your obligations seriously and invest in professional test and tag in Darwin

Ensure your Darwin workplace meets health and safety standards by investing in testing and tagging. If you are a business owner, it is your legal obligation to ensure you offer a workplace that is safe. One important part of meeting this responsibility is guaranteeing electrical equipment and appliances are safe to use. Inability to comply with testing and tagging regulations, outlined in the AS/NZ 3760, opens employers up to penalties. Violating the electric safe practices laws and regulations can result in hefty punishments including severe fines and even imprisonment.

To ensure everyone within your workplace is protected against electrical dangers contact TestCorp. Our fully trained technicians will examine your workplace and determine if there are any issues with your electrical appliances and equipment.

What exactly is testing and tagging?

A lot of business owners are familiar with the expression ‘test and tag’, however, some do not understand what it precisely means. For those in the dark, testing and tagging is the term given to the process of testing equipment and appliances in order to reduce electrical hazards to people in the workplace. The equipment is tested for damage, defects, insulation resistance and polarity. Once equipment is examined and tested, it is tagged with a label to show it is safe to use. The label also includes information about when the item next needs to be inspected. The overall aim of the test and tag is to establish whether the equipment and appliances in the workplace are safe to use. Once test and tagging has been performed, it will decrease the chance of employees receiving electric shocks.


Once our technicians have completed your test and tag in Darwin, they provide you with an electronic document containing all the test results. Depending on your preference, documents can be supplied in a range of formats, including Word, PDF and Excel. The document is important as it proves you have complied with AS/NZ 3760 and documents your commitment to electrical safe practice standards in Australia.

Whether you are a small business, a national company or a government body, you need to comply with test and tag regulations. To ensure your workplace is safe, contact the professional team at TestCorp to carry out your test and tag in Darwin.