Test & Tag Canberra

Testing and tagging is a part of every employers legal responsibilities in Canberra

Many employers don’t realise their legal responsibilities in regards to testing and tagging in Canberra. In fact, there are some who don’t even know what testing and tagging is. If you are a business owner that is unfamiliar with the phrase, ‘test and tag’, it’s about time you educated yourself. Testing and tagging is an essential method to not only ensure the safety of those at your workplace, but also to protect yourself against legal implications. Employers that do not fulfil their safety obligations can be prosecuted. Penalties can be harsh and can include severe fines or even imprisonment.

To avoid facing trouble, hire the professional team at TestCorp. We have a team of qualified technicians who carry out test and tagging for all types of businesses, including schools, offices, national businesses and government bodies. Achieving customer satisfaction is our number one focus, which is why we guarantee 100 per cent guaranteed satisfaction.

Our test and tag inspection process in Canberra

Step 1: Inspection
Technicians perform a visual inspection before physically testing the appliances to determine whether they are safe. If there is any obvious damage, the appliances will not need to be tested.

Step 2: Testing
For appliances that pass the initial inspection, they will next be electronically tested. The electrical safety of an appliance is measured in several processes including polarity, insulation/leakage and earth continuity.

Step 3: Tagging
Once testing is complete, all appliances deemed safe are tagged with a label to indicate they are safe to use. The tag also contains the date they were tagged and when testing needs to be performed again.

Step 4: Recording
Upon completing the test and tag a report is drafted as a record of the findings. The report features details about the test and inspection, as well as any repairs that are necessary. We provide our reports electronically to businesses in a range of formats. We also keep a record of reports on file, as well as storing them online, which can be accessed by the client.

If you are interested in learning more about our test and tag service in Canberra, please contact our friendly team today.