Test & Tag Brisbane

Testing and tagging is a crucial service in Brisbane

For every employer, meeting test and tag requirements in Brisbane is essential. By law, it is your obligation to guarantee the work place you run is safe for employees and clients. In order to comply with Australian Standard AS/NZS3760, employers must undertake regular testing and tagging to ensure all electrical appliances and equipment are working effectively. Neglecting these rights as an employer can open you up to many severe punishments including expensive fines and even jail. To avoid prosecution as well as to protect your employees, contact the team at TestCorp.

What sets our test and tag service apart from the rest in Brisbane?

  • Cost effective – Our team is renowned for providing a quality service at an affordable price.
  • Technicians – We only employ fully qualified technicians who hold relevant qualifications to test and tag.
  • Quality service – In order to ensure your workplace can get back to normal functioning as soon as possible, our technicians operate in a fast and efficient manner. We provide a quality service that would usually take three individual companies.
  • Reminder – We understand employers have a lot of obligations on their plate, and it can be hard to remember when your next test and tag is due. This is why we notify businesses when their next test and tag is due.
  • Satisfaction guarantee – We are driven to meet customers’ needs and work hard to ensure we achieve a 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee.
  • Numerous services – We often find a workplace needs not only a test and tag but other safety services performed. To make it easier on employers, we can perform multiple safety services on site on the same day. That way you don’t have to pay for multiple site visits.
  • Reporting – Once we finish your test and tag service we supply a report of our findings. These findings are also accessible on our website 24/7, as well as kept on our records.
  • Certificate of Compliance – We present your with a Certificate of Compliance upon completion of your test and tag.

Don’t take the risk at your workplace. Do the right thing and ensure testing and tagging is performed when necessary. If you are unsure whether you are due for a test and tag in Brisbane, contact our friendly team at TestCorp now, who are more than happy to help you work out your next appointment.