Test & Tagging Adelaide

An Adelaide workplace without testing and tagging is an accident waiting to happen

Did you know failure to comply with test and tagging regulations in Adelaide can result in hefty fines? As of the 1st of June 2014, employers who neglect or do not comply with the regulated safety standards can be fined up to $18,000. Furthermore, if you do not meet South Australian test and tag obligations, you can end up voiding your insurance. Rather than risking financial loss, talk to the professional team at TestCorp.

A test and tag service you can trust in Adelaide

Our test and tagging service in Adelaide is a fast and efficient way to ensure your business meets required legislation. We boast a team of fully qualified test and tag technicians, who perform comprehensive safety inspections and testing of electrical equipment. We inspect all electrical equipment including tools, appliances and electrical leads.

Essentially, our trained technicians test any item that is used on a regular basis that has the potential to electrocute the user if it is not operating properly. Complying with regular testing and tagging is the only way to ensure your business meets legal regulations and for you to meet your duty of care for OH&S regulations. More significantly it allows you to decrease workplace injury and to supply a safe working space for both your employees and your customers.

The test and tag process

  • A visual inspection is carried out to make sure there are no apparent issues with your electrical appliances and equipment.
  • Next, various electrical tests are performed on the electrical appliances and equipment to determine whether they are safe.
  • Equipment and appliances that pass the test are tagged to signify that they have been tested and are safe. The tag also outlines when the items will need to be tested again.
  • Upon completing the test and tag, business owners are presented with a Certificate of Compliance, outlining the results of test and the recommendations.
  • Any equipment that has found not to comply with the safety standards must be replaced.
  • Routine inspections are required to ensure items remain safe. The frequency of inspections depends upon the industry.

Don’t put your employees or yourself at risk. Ensure you meet legal regulations by investing in test and tag at your Adelaide workplace. For more information about TestCorp’s services, contact our friendly team today.