Did you know that expert thermal imaging in Sydney can prevent machine failure?

Thermal imaging is known for accurately detecting unseen faults in electrical ware, but few people are aware of some other advantages of this technology. As well as picking up the presence of existing faults, this heat sensing device can determine whether an appliance is likely to fail in the near future by measuring its energy production. As appliances age, they need to use more energy in order to achieve the same results as they initially did. This means they often heat up at an alarming rate while performing their job. In many workplaces, employees begin to wonder whether an overheating toaster, laptop or large machine is putting safety at risk.

There is no substitute for the ultimate fire equipment testing services in Sydney

There is no way around it; emergency equipment testing saves lives. Not only will a quick visit from our specialist team reassure any business owner that they have maintain a safe and healthy work environment, but it is also a part of your legal duty of care. The fantastic part about our service is that we test everything that is important. From the exit lighting to the smoke alarms, we will not leave until everything is in perfect working order. Our tick of approval is a highly sought-after thing, and we are recognised within the industry as being extremely thorough and precise with our work.

Make specialist RCD testing in Sydney a priority

There is no excuse to avoid your RCD testing responsibilities. It doesn’t take much in the way of electrical disturbance to cause a real problem. For this reason, your residual current device is able to detect the slightest imbalance in current and immediately take evasive action. According to Australian law, businesses must arrange for a qualified and approved professional to conduct RCD testing on a regular basis. So, how often is regular? A push button test should be performed every six months, and a timed test once a year. The TestCorp team provides a detailed record of all of our service visits, so that we can remind you when you are next due, or be a reference if you ever need to quote your services for insurance or other purposes. Keep in mind there are several scenarios in which the safety switch would not trigger, including if a contractor was using a faulty power tool. Talk to TestCorp about the best way to ensure safety even in these difficult situations.