Microwave leakage testing

How do Microwaves ovens work?

Within the microwave oven, an electric unit known as a magnetron is needed to create microwaves (which include radiation). Those microwaves use a frequency of 2,450 Megahertz. Microwaves move in the closed oven, in which they’re mirrored throughout the ovens surfaces, and then are soaked up within the meal put into the oven. Any microwaves that enter the meal come in contact with the liquid inside. This leads to molecular rubbing, which creates warmth to cause an increase in heat. Cooking time is often quicker compared to a normal cooker because of this process.

What causes microwave oven leakage?

Microwave leakage is quite common and there are many causes including:

  • Food or dirt around the door seal
  • Slamming the door
  • Normal wear and tear

Once a microwave oven has begun to leak unsafe levels of radiation, it can cause serious medical concerns. To ensure your staff, customers and anyone else that might be at your business is safe regular microwave leakage testing is essential.

Medical concerns that can occur without regular microwave leakage testing

Contact with large amounts of microwaves will certainly lead to warming of the body’s tissues. When it comes to human cells, too much heat may have severe medical consequences, including serious cell burns as well as hypothermia. It is essential to get your microwave oven checked regularly to discover the amount of leakage from your microwave oven. At TestCorp we have the equipment to perform the microwave leakage testing on your microwave oven.

What tests do TestCorp complete?

TestCorp complete testing to Australian standards. AS/NZS 3760:2010 and AS/NZS 60335.2.25 – Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety – Particular requirements for microwave ovens including combination microwave ovens.

TestCorp will perform:

  • A visual check
  • A electrical radiation test
  • Label as safe/fail
  • Provide a Certificate of Compliance