Keep your business up and running with reliable thermal imaging maintenance in Perth

Thermal image testing identifies problems before they arise. The test itself does nothing to solve the problem, only tells the reader exactly where and how bad it is. This knowledge is highly valuable, and saves a fortune in prevention. However, it is up to the business owner, with guidance from their trusted electrician or thermal imaging technician, about the safest path to finding a solution. The thermal imaging service from TestCorp will be able to identify uneven loads, energy loss, loose connections and open circuits. All services come complete with an explanatory report with images, indicating the best course of action.

Would you like the reassurance of a fire equipment testing service in Perth?

Fire safety regulations for business are complex and detailed, which can prove confusing or unsettling for some owners. While we hope that everyone strives for the safest workplace possible, intention and execution are not always the same thing. It is often the case in our experience that business owners misinterpret certain regulations, or believe that they can bend the rules slightly. We suggest having a certified fire equipment testing specialist visit your site and conduct a quick and uninvasive evaluation to certify that you have indeed satisfied requirements. Once you pass our tests, you can be confident that you are providing the best possible working environment for your employees and customers alike. On completion of your test, we will leave your site clean and tidy, and hand you a detailed report outlining the regulations that apply, any areas for improvement or criteria not met, and advice for ongoing servicing and maintenance.

What are the general regulations for RCD testing intervals in Perth?

There are two key testing styles for checking that your RCD switch or switches are working effectively. The first, a push button test, is relatively simple and can be completed by an owner or employee so long as it is done correctly. Pushing the test button simulates an electrical current leakage, as would occur should the appliance have an electrical fault. Assuming the switch is working correctly, the appliance in question will immediately turn off when the test button is pushed. The second, a timed test, needs to be performed by a licensed electrical provider every year, and the results are recorded into an official report compiled on the completion of the test.