Does your fault finding company use the latest thermal imaging in Melbourne?

Your electrical evaluation service is not complete without proper thermal imaging detection in Melbourne. It is recommended that an annual thermal imaging scan be performed for heating and cooling devices in the work place. Items such as refrigerators run the risk of losing cool air through a faulty seal or problem hinge. The machine then uses more energy to try to achieve the desired internal temperature that you see on the thermostat. This is a significant waste, and you may have noticed a spike in your electricity bill for no other apparent reason. A quick thermal imaging survey will be able to determine whether a heating or cooling device is the source problem, and then our team at TestCorp will suggest the best way forward.

You are legally required to complete fire equipment testing in Melbourne

TestCorp has the team to help every business stay on top of their legal safety responsibilities. In the case of a fire, bomb threat, or other emergency evacuation situation, the people under your care are in greater danger. It is your duty as a manager or business owner to ensure that you have taken every measure possible to ensure a swift and safe exit from the building. Peoples’ lives could rely on you regularly checking on your emergency features. It would be horrific and incite extreme panic should you realise that the fire extinguisher does not work in your time of need, or that the emergency exit lights go off when the power does. Our team offers a comprehensive emergency testing service which expertly maintains these elements, as well as smoke alarms and fire blankets. It is our goal to put you in the best possible position if the worst should happen. We will replace globes, fill in maintenance records and double check all of your wiring at the recommended intervals, which vary between devices.

Keep safe with religious RCD testing in Melbourne

It’s hard to fathom that one little switch could be the difference between a business burning down and simply a short circuit interruption, but that is exactly the role of the RCD. Let’s say for example that the busiest room in the office has a power board and extension cord to power all the many devices in the room that need electricity. This is a common occurrence, and viewed as the cheap and easy alternative to installing more power sockets. Unfortunately, it is not quite this simple, and overloading the outlet like this is a good way to cause sparks or even a full blown fire. If your RCD is in perfect working order, the first sign of a spark will cause the power to go out, and the owner to note that there is something wrong. It does not pay to think about what could happen if your switch fails. The good news is that professional RCD testing in Melbourne costs little and takes a couple of minutes.