TestCorp is a respected electrical and fire maintenance company operating across Australia. We provide safety testing services to a variety of different clients including businesses, government bodies and large corporations. With a team of experienced technicians ready to help you, we promise minimal disruption to your workplace and important peace of mind. Our trained technicians will help your business ensure compliance with minimal effort by testing and tagging your equipment. We pride ourselves on delivering the best and most efficient compliance in the industry. With offices and technicians across the nation, we are able to provide appliance testing anywhere.


Test and Tagging

Ensure your workplace is safe and you conform to required legislation by carrying out regular testing and tagging.
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RCD Testing

RCD’s or better known as, safety switches, are required to be tested regularly to ensure they will work when required.
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Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging is a very effective way of highlighting defects in equipment that wouldn’t otherwise be noticed.
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Fire equipment testing

We can perform a range of fire equipment testing so when you need it most, it works exactly the way it’s supposed to.
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Upon completion of our testing services, we present you with a Certificate of Compliance to prove you comply with Australian Standards.

24/7 Availability

Our technicians operate around the clock to ensure every business has a chance to test their equipment. Contact us day or night for assistance.

Fair prices

We pride ourselves on providing cost effective prices. Our competitive fees mean every business can uphold their testing regulations.